Nigeria Economic Outlook 2018

In collaboration with GIBS and the Nigeria-SA Chamber of Commerce, Lagos
GIBS Campus, Illovo, Johannesburg
14 March 2018

Time: 07h30-0830 Buffet Breakfast; 08h30-10h00 Discussion/Networking

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As Nigeria enters 2018, there are many green shoots. The country inched out of the recession of 2017 and looks set for a more decisive recovery in 2018 on the back of improving oil prices and business reforms. The World Bank and IMF project growth in 2018 of 2.1% and 2.5% respectively. But Africa’s biggest market is still teetering on the edge of real recovery and many questions remain. Will the authorities be able to sustain the foreign exchange buoyancy of recent months? Are investors looking at Nigeria and what is interesting them there? What are the issues in the evolving political landscape as the 2019 election approaches?
Join us to listen to a panel of experts analyse the way forward for Africa’s biggest market in 2018.